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Valerie Weir

About 5 years ago, Valerie began to experiment with a more abstract approach, and switched to using oils. This produced a complete change in style. The first of these are personal expressions of life and love, through the use of line, and quite strong colour. Although this new work looks so strikingly different, she considers it to be a natural development, at a stage when experience in both life and art has allowed channels to be opened to her sub-conscious mind. She also feels that the sub-conscious mind itself acts as a gateway to another dimension, which is free of our time frame.

This 'out of time' universality is a theme which pops up regularly in her new work.

Valerie's abstract pairs are basically one painting in two inter-relating parts. Here, she feels she is exploring leaving the ego behind. These are imagined from the start, 'in situ', as part of a whole scene and 'feel', hanging in a modern room. Some of these pairs are painted in the colours of what she calls 'the neutral zone', such as browns, black, cream, wine, etc. With these, the artist has responded to what she feels is a need, rather than a fashion, to have a certain quietness in colour and content in some rooms, i.e. those in 'the neutral zone'. She feels this is a response to a world where there is 'too much information' all the time, and so people crave an oasis of calm, simplicity and coordination in their homes. Other pairs are designed to have effects such as warming, energising, and even healing, depending on the colours, line and shapes chosen.


Valerie Weir was born, brought up, and educated in Ireland, mostly in Dublin. She has always been divided between art and music, and at one point in her education had to make a decision about which to study in University. In the end she chose music, and obtained an honours degree in music from Trinity College, Dublin.
She continued to paint, however, especially during the long student summers while travelling, and thus began the development of a highly individual, free, and un-self-conscious career as a painter. This highly talented self-taught artist considers herself 'to be unfettered by the snobbery and nonsense that goes on in the art world'.

She was inspired by the beauty of Cambridge and began to paint it, often in great detail. The medium used in these works is gouache, a water based paint, but with chalk in it, enabling the bright, solid colour effect. Over the following years Valerie produced the collection which, in print form has remained highly popular with a broad range of customers.


26 - 28 Church St, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1JQ

Tel: 0044 (0) 1799 668211