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Rachel Stewart

Digital Artist Rachel Stewart was born in New Zealand, and became passionate about photography at a very young age, after watching her Dad create his own photographs in their home darkroom.

Rachel has spent many years working for magazines around the world as a photographer and journalist, until recently moving to London.

 Inspired by colour, shape and form, Rachel uses simple photographic images as the base to create stunning abstract contemporary artwork that showcases the power of colour and texture.

Her images begin as simple photographs before being altered digitally to create an almost painterly effect.

 This series of images is based on the 'Swiss Chard' plant, which is very similar to rhubarb, and as well as being an attractive, colourful garden plant is apparently an interesting addition to summertime meals!


26 - 28 Church St, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1JQ

Tel: 0044 (0) 1799 668211