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Kim Louise Sell

Kim Sell - Artist

The production and end result of her work questions:

“Is the emphasis on how a woman behaves the means by which it is determined whether she is labelled either a lady or a slut?

Why can’t a female behave exactly how she desires without being judged?

I paint erotic depictions of women displayed in various positions. These females are dressed provocatively in sexy underwear, but still revealing particular parts of their anatomy. A specifically crucial issue in which I address, is the fact my females do not display a vagina. This is of great importance due to the message I am portraying through my work; I am female, sexy and single...Am I offering myself to you?”

  Kim is a local artist whom the majority of art concentrates on females who take part in the adult entertainment industry, predominately those featured in photographs. Within her work she takes similar explicit images and surroundings and produce sugary, erotic representations of these females. She creates a transition from something quite overt into an amusing and also attractive piece of art, examining issues on femininity, identity and sexuality.

Kim looks to provoke a reaction from the viewer, and create an obscure illusion through the thought process behind my work. She concentrates on the assumptions, generally viewed by men, on how they perceive women; the way they act and how they dress.


26 - 28 Church St, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1JQ

Tel: 0044 (0) 1799 668211