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Patricia Palmer
Patricia Palmer  
My work, though abstract in appearance is for me representational and my paintings are how I see the world and how the world makes me feel.’

Patricia’s art training in the 70’s in Leeds (Teacher Training College, Headingley), was graphic based: the following years of teaching developed her abilities in a variety of art and craft skills. After 22 years in the classroom she decided to return to study. Patricia started the first full time course in 2000 at Cambridge Regional College and continued there for the next 5 years: Foundation, HND, Diploma and finally BA Hons, graduating from A.P.U. Cambridge in 2005 achieving a high class degree in Fine Art, specializing in painting.

Themes for work come into my head when they are ripe and ready to explore: the starting points are from references found in the landscape. I spend a lot of time In Aldeburgh, Suffolk. I love the ever changing skies, and sea. I enjoy warmer climates too, so holidays are spent in regions where the sun shines. Sunsets are usually dramatic and I love sundried buildings and ancient churches with their beautiful stained glass. I love going on trips to more mountainous regions where round each corner there are breath taking views: lakes like mirrors, deep valleys, glowing deserts and tall trees. It is these experiences which give me

At first, Patricia explores ideas through drawing, painting and collage, on paper (postcard size) using all mediums. She works from memory in order to sift away the unessential revealing only the typical, although, referring to photographs if she needs
to check a specific detail/ colour/ shape/ position in space etc. Patricia tries out different formats, scale and size on paper to see which is appropriate for her theme before going on to canvas. Colours are softened or intensified, perspective flattened and features simplified.


26 - 28 Church St, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1JQ

Tel: 0044 (0) 1799 668211