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Amy Olds
  Amy has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in the UK, and she recently completed a painting residency in San Sebastian, Spain, where she worked alongside world-renowned painters such as Julian Schnabel and Terry Winters.

Originally from the United States, Amy Olds studied Fine Art in Richmond, Virginia - but has been living and working in London for several years, and has since gained an MA in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University.

 Amy's inspiration when making a painting is in the process itself, working with poured acrylic or thinned oil. The initial layer is manipulated using squeegees and by tilting the canvas while the paint is wet and fluid.
Once dry, she then creates blocks of pattern and texture that enclose the shape, and then continuing around the deep edges of the stretcher.

 These two layers establish the resulting painting as a moving pictorial space. Amy explains; I see the painting as the outcome of a performance, and the end result is an ambiguous surface where energetic and calm actions push and pull against one another'.


26 - 28 Church St, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1JQ

Tel: 0044 (0) 1799 668211