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Noel Myles
Noel Myles “I had one print exhibited for a year in the V&A’s History of Photography display. During the past 2 years, my pictures have been shown in the Art Fairs in New York, London and Amsterdam.”

Myles’s pictures have been shown in solo and mixed exhibitions that include the V&A Museum, National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, National Portrait Gallery, Contemporary Art Society, Royal College of Art, Royal Academy of Art, Royal Photographic Society and the Serpentine Gallery.

He has been Artist-in-Residence for Rowe and Maw, Shaftesbury PLC and ITN.


Throughout Noel Myles’s work there is a persistent aim to extend the still photographic image beyond the single moment and the static viewpoint. The intention is to evoke the perception of accumulated experience. His photographs establish a form of depiction that refers to moving film and single-frame photography but which is independent of both.

“The prints in this exhibition are all PALLADIUM PRINTS. Palladium along with platinum and gold comprise the Noble Metals. I make light-sensitive salts with Palladium and coat artist’s pure cotton paper by hand. The negatives are then exposed in contact with the paper to make the image. Each individual rectangle in these pictures corresponds to a complete (uncut) negative. Many dozens of negatives are sorted before the final image is composed. They can be taken over the period of several weeks.”


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