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Jess Levine
Jess Levine  
Redleaf Gallery, Tunbridge Wells
Dark Horse Gallery, Mayfield
Ashdown Gallery, Forest Row
Oxmarket Centre for the Arts, Chichester
Iydea Cafe, Brighton
Red Roaster Coffee House, Brighton
Art Dog, London
Bean Cafe, Tunbridge Wells
Amber Arts, Edinburgh
Gallery 63, Kingston
Art Room, Ashford
Black Shed Gallery, Robertsbridge
Trinity Theatre Gallery, Tunbridge Wells
Marle Place, Brenchley
Green Tree Gallery, Haywards Heath
Chalk Gallery, Lewes
IO Gallery, Brighton
Spa Galleries, Tunbridge Wells
Art Loco, Ticehurst
The Old Chapel, Hailsham

Jess Levine's work stems from various sources which include personal travels, Kentish landscape, current affairs, childhood memories and textile designs. She doesn't like to limit herself to one discipline, instead preferring to use a wide range of materials and to draw on a wide variety of sources. However, she will often initially explore ideas using collage, as she finds this a useful process in realising more finished pieces of work or in translating ideas using paint.

'My work is often deliberately open ended in terms of impact. I like the viewer to bring themselves to the piece, rather than having meaning imposed by the maker.

In that respect, I like work to be loose and to have a meaning which is beyond intention, that is the piece in a sense answers back to both the viewer and the maker.' [Jessica Levine 2009]


26 - 28 Church St, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1JQ

Tel: 0044 (0) 1799 668211